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Sworn Translator-Interpreter of English in Madrid with over ten years of experience in sworn translations and interpretations from English to Spanish. Authorized by the Spanish Department of Foreign Affairs. As a sworn translator, I translate, sign, and certify all types of official documents, specializing in the following areas:

Types of translations

  • Translation of qualifications, grades, degrees, academic records, and academic history.
  • Translation of academic documents of all educational levels
  • Translation criminal record certificates.
  • Translation birth certificates and literal birth certificate.
  • Translation of immunization records and immunization certificates.
  • Translation letter of recommendation.
  • Translation certificate of naturalization.
  • Translation letter of financial solvency.
  • Translation of Apostille.

Sworn translations Madrid

Official translations Madrid

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is an official translation. The subject matter can be very diverse.

The most common are official documents such as diplomas and academic certificates, criminal record certificates, birth certificates, etc., as it is these types of documents that usually require certification to be able to present them in the corresponding procedure.

Traducción de Apostilla

Traduccion de apostilla

It is common for many of these documents to require an Apostille (which is also subject to sworn translation). But it can also be any type of document or writing, for example, in a trial, a sworn translation of private emails may be required if they are relevant to the trial.

What makes a sworn translation valid?

A sworn translation must have an introductory formula, it must be signed and stamped on each of its pages and it must have a final swearing-in and closing formula.

It must also include a color copy of the original document, suitably dated, signed, and stamped by the translator.

The sworn translator, by certifying the accuracy of the translation and affixing his or her stamp and signature, acts as a notary public; however, only for translations.

Not all translators can carry out a sworn translation, only those accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain are authorized to do so.

The list can be freely consulted on the website of Spanish Department of Foreign Affairs.

When is a sworn translation required?

You will normally be asked for a sworn translation if you must present a document to official bodies, public administrations, academic institutions, courts of justice, etc. when the document is written in a language that is not official in the country in which you have to carry out the procedure.

In this type of administrative or judicial procedures and processes, legal certainty is very important, and this is why an official body will ask for the translation to be done by a sworn translator; it is a way of guaranteeing a faithful and accurate translation as well as avoiding possible errors or, even worse, fraud.

One of the most common reasons why you will need a sworn translation is to study abroad if you are a Spanish citizen, or to study in Spain if you are a citizen of another country.

In this case, you must translate your diplomas, degrees, academic records, and sometimes even your vaccination certificate or criminal record.

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